A watched blog never gets followers..


I know this is only my 3rd post and that I am not going to become blog famous overnight but I am sure you can relate to the warm fuzzy feeling you get when someone follows your blog. Can you imagine what it would be like to be Freshly Pressed, receiving notification here, there, everywhere?! As much as I like to convince myself that I write for some sort of mental healing it is really nice when someone else comes along and finds you interesting enough to follow you. Hopefully it is to the point of interest that you do not  just end up sitting in a room full of Viagra  and instant millionaire spam notes only to be deleted in a bulk action.

I am going to make a commitment this 2013 to be the best blogger I can be. I would really love to be “that” blog, the one who not only made a commitment and stuck to it but the blog that also inspired others. I am so committed that I have even toyed with the idea of getting a “Blogging for Dummies” book but  #1. I despise books, hence the reason I am writing a blog  #2. I want to keep it as unique as possible.  Now please do not get this mixed up with my willingness to learn, trust me I want to learn but maybe I will do it by checking out other blogs and or some you-tube?

So as the saying goes “A watched pot never boils” I am going to refrain from checking my stats and spend more time re-searching/writing new material, as I know that these are two of the most vital steps in my process.  If you have anything that you think may help me along or has helped you please share!

8 thoughts on “A watched blog never gets followers..

  1. It is slow going at first, but you are already amazing enough with 3 posts that I’m sure in no time you will have massive amounts of followers.
    Use a lot of popular tags with each post (you’re already doing it, so my advice is invalid haha). That helps more and more people find you.

    It happens … just takes some time.

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