Make it happen Monday!


The past week was torture for me; I was so sick and had absolutely NO energy.

I was un-focused with my diet and exercise and I would usually beat myself up for it but you know what? It’s okay. Yes, I did eat that spring roll and that doughnut but what can I say!?Life happens. I had been VERY strict up until I started getting sick and then it all fell to crap!

You may ask why I think that this behavior is okay?

  1. Because I’m human and we all mess up every now and then.
  2. The difference between me cheating now and me cheating a couple of months ago is the fact that today I know how and when to stop.

Anyways after a weekend full of Kleenex, cheating and NyQuil. I’m finally feeling better, to be honest I actually feel like a million bucks today!  The sun is shining, I have a low-key day at the office and I think I’m going to go on long walk after dinner.

I feel like I have finally reached a point to where I’m not thinking about how many days I have to go, but about how many days I have to enjoy this new way of life.   I know that I’m going to get there and I’m more excited today than ever, to face success.

6 thoughts on “Make it happen Monday!

  1. I’m glad you’re feeling better I’ve been wondering when you’ll be back :). It’s ok to eat a spring roll or whatever, but as you say you know when to stop!

    Hope the rest of your day goes well.

  2. I saw you saw my new blog so of course I had to stop by and check yours out! I love it! I love how you asked people the guess the points values! WW rocks for opening eyes! 🙂 I look forward to regularly reading your blog!

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