May Mayhem

Eek 13 days since my last blog post, that’s depressing ūüė¶

What a crazy month it’s been thus far! We celebrated our 3 year wedding anniversary on the 1st, I’m planning a Mother’s Day Tea Party on the 12th, my Birthday is on the 13th and on top of everything I’m in the midst of a job hunt! Are you exhausted yet? Because I sure am!

Applying for jobs these days is not a walk in the park to say the least. You’re constantly dealing with online postings, crazy profiling questions, recruiters and extensive testing. While I understand the means behind all of the information we provide, some of the tasks/questions can be daunting. Not to mention, you perform all of these tasks and you’re still not even guaranteed an interview!

Luckily, there are some really interesting opportunities on the market for me right now and I ‘ve kept quite busy with applications, phone calls and follow up emails. So far I’ve gone for 5 interviews and all of them except for 1 have gone really well.¬† The 1 that went not so well you may ask? Haha let me elaborate.

The interview was for an online venture capitalist firm who specializes in plastic surgery and the position was Executive Assistant to the CEO. The HR Manger was extremely friendly and an absolute pleasure to speak with. The position sounded fun and exciting along with great pay and benefits. The office was breathtaking and had a beautiful view BUT the CEO… He was definitely one of a kind! Here are just some of the completely inappropriate interview questions he asked me:

1. “What are your personal finances like?” 2. “Do you currently have any kids? Are you planning on having some anytime soon?” 3. “If I BBM you on the weekend I except you to reply in 5 minutes are you okay with that?”

the devilMillion dollar question: “Have you seen the movie A Devil Wears Prada?¬† I’m asking because I want you to be my Anne Hathaway.” I almost spit out my coffee at this one! Did he seriously just say that and is he forgetting that he is trying to sell me the job?!!

Being the courteous individual I am, I thank him for his time and tell him that I look forward to hearing from him.¬† He leaves the room and the HR Manager returns to say “He really enjoyed meeting with you and we will have an offer to you by Tuesday.” At this point I have no words…

My day then gets increasingly better by the hour; I get back to the office and snag my nylons, the fire alarm goes off¬† forcing me¬†to go down 8 flights of stairs in 6” heels¬†and on my way to another interview I’m the canvas for a seagull splatter paint project! Whomever said that having a bird poop on you is good luck, better be right! As of now,¬† all I have is a $45.00 dry-cleaning bill!


Sick :(

I haven’t been able to post much lately because I have been a bit under the weather. I have also been really busy at work and that makes me completely exhausted by the time I get home.

On a¬†brighter note, I’m happy to be¬†down a total of 16 pounds!!!

I hope to be back at it soon but for the next few days I plan on following these instructions:


Skinny and broke?


So this may sound incredibly insane but this is something that has been on my mind for the past few days and I’m hoping that some of you can relate.

I’m actually a bit concerned about getting skinny because it will mean that I can shop at any store and wear anything I want! I love to shop and right now the one thing stopping me is my size! I’m ecstatic at the thought of stepping into a Victoria’s Secret or buying a pair of size 27 True Religion jeans. How am I going to afford it?!

Currently (but not for long) at a size 14, I find most of my clothes in the U.S at places like Macys, TjMaxx, Marshalls and Ross. With a little digging and some major shape wear I am usually able to find designer names that compliment my body type well.

Right now, even though I’m only¬†blocks away from a major shopping district and some beautiful malls but most of the stores sizes start at xxx Small and go to a Large (which is probably a U.S medium at best).

I guess the answer is to start saving because it sure as heck is not to stay this way.

After all, I think I would rather be skinny and broke then unhealthy and unhappy!

Seattle Snail Mail

I got this wonderful idea from a fellow blogging friend of mine, Erica. A while back she posted a Valentine’s post requesting addresses for¬†snail-mail Valentines and I thought it was a great idea!

Our mail boxes are filled with so many things we don’t want these days. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a note or a gift every now and then to brighten up your day?

I am spending this weekend in Seattle and I thought It would be fun to write a few post cards while I’m there. If you fill out the form below, before midnight on friday I can guarantee you a little love from the rainy city! Better yet, fill out the form¬†requesting small token that you would like from Seattle and¬†one lucky person may¬†get a package.


Maybe that Seattle Starbucks mug you have always wanted, a t-shirt, or a fridge magnet? Whatever it may be, please keep the value under $20.00.


I promise that I’m not a creepy stalker and that your information will only be used to send you a post card or two ūüôā

A chubby white girl’s worst nightmare

So as I have said before, I LOVE my job! It is truly really great and I get to experience so many neat opportunities.

The company I work for is hosting a very large Chinese New Year celebration at one of the malls that we own. I have been tasked with taking care of our VIP guests (government, media, investors etc). Right after I was given my task, a meeting request popped in my outlook calendar titled: Chinese New Year dress shopping. While  I know I am on the journey from sin to thin, I am not quite at the thin just yet. Have you seen a traditional Cheongsam(Chinese dress)?!? They are made usually made with silk and altered to be skin-tight!


How am I going to get all of me into that?!? :s

I am really nervous and not sure if they will even have anything that will fit me!  I have decided to wear my fat sucker, aka body armor, aka spanks in the hopes that it will make a difference.

Wish me luck!!!

How I feel I look when I play COD Black Ops II

*Warning completely random blog post up ahead!*

When I was young, I used to try so hard to be good at playing video games but growing up with brothers I never was, nor will be!

Except for tonight! Hubby and I were playing and he is REALLY good but get this?! I actually beat him in one round!! #WINNING!!

Have you ever watched someones expression when they are playing video games? Every time I would kill my opponent I could feel the duck/kissy/oh-yeah-I-did smirk leaving my face.

That’s when I came up with this! Haha I’m sure there are some other wives that can relate!

Black OpsThat is all!