It’s contest time!

Hi friends!

While I was having dinner this evening I thought it would be fun to host a contest.

For those of you on the weight watchers points+ program, this could be easier or harder than you think. For those of you who are not, why not take a wild guess?

Here is a photo of the dinner I had this evening, all you need to do is guess how many Weight Watchers +Points are in it. Here is one hint: underneath the caramelized mushrooms and onions there is a 3 oz pork chop.

pork chops

Simply enter your name, email* and the point value below and I will put all of the names that had correct answers in a hat.


The VERY luck winner will receive an autographed edition of  Gordon Ramsay’s Healthy Appetite Cookbook! Good Luck!!!

20130228_190406 20130228_194054

*note: your email and name will be used for the sole purpose of this contest and nothing else.

A great start to a great day!


So I woke up this morning and the sun was shining! Yes, the SUN..  Some of you may not know thins but I am from Vancouver, BC and we get a lot of liquid sunshine otherwise known as rain.  Needless to say what a wonderful way to start my day!

I hopped out of bed right away and started to make our slow-carb breakfast  not only because I couldn’t wait to get out and go on a hike but Tim Ferris says it is vital to eat within 30 minutes of waking up. I made an organic egg white/1 yolk omelet stuffed with spinach and scallions, cooked some lentils will some fire roasted tomatoes and baked two strips of organic bacon. It was delicious and  as you can see my husband was quite excited too.

Anyhow, I am ready with my water bottle in hand to go hike Lynn Canyon.  As soon as I am back I will be sure to post some photos and a few other things. For now I’m off to enjoy the sunshine!