Frank couldn’t have said it better.


The people that know me/follow this blog probably know by now that if I haven’t written a post in over a week it’s probably because I messed up!  I guess I shouldn’t really say I messed up, it’s more like I had an off day and I’ve been EXTREMELY busy lately.

I’m not here to say “sorry for the lack of posts” or “I’m sure you’ve been wondering where I was”. To be quite frank, I’m sure the internet would go on even if I wasn’t contributing to it.

Monday night my lovely husband decided to take me out for a nice dinner because he was heading out of town on business the next day.  He took me to a seafood and chop house and I definitely over indulged.  We started off with freshly baked bread drizzled with lobster oil and balsamic, it was divine.  I ordered the jumbo scallops with a creamy butter sauce, vegetables and wild rice for my main course and the flavors were incredible.  We then took a stroll to a local frozen yogurt place and had a nice dessert. Sounds lovely right? NO.

I got home so stuffed that if my belly had buttons, they would have burst. I was incredibly uncomfortable and completely exhausted. This is when the anger set in; I sat on the couch pouting about what I had just done and how guilty I felt. My husband came in and saw me upset, to which he apologized for taking me to dinner and talking me into dessert.  I yelled and told him that the next time he wanted to take me for dinner to just go to Tiffany’s to buy me a new pair of earrings or something instead (can you say princess much?!).  Really, who yells at their husband for taking them out to dinner?!? After I had cooled down a bit I had a really great conversation with him and told him that it was not his fault. I told him that there are going to be situations that are difficult for me and that I need to learn how to say no.   Man-oh-man the stuff this poor guy suffers through!

Anyways, long story short I’m proud of the new me, the me that gave Tuesday a chance for a new beginning. The me that got back on track to the extent of working out at 11:23PM last night and most importantly the me that had the balls to kick the old me in the ass!!

It feels good to be back!


A few things to celebrate!

sin to thin 50th post

It’s hard to imagine that this post marks my 50th post! Yipee!

It feels like yesterday that I decided to take on this journey and I can’t say how much having this blog has helped me.

I also have some very exciting weight loss news! I went to my Weight Watchers meeting yesterday and weighed in at 198.2 pounds! That’s 5.2 pounds gone just this week alone, for a grand total of 12.8.

I’ve been working really hard and measuring all of my food to ensure that I’m not eating 1oz more than I track. I’ve also found that entering all of my food into my tracker the night before really helps.

Are you currently on WW, do you have any tips or trick to share? Or how about successes? I would love to hear it all!


♪I feeel good danananana, I knew that I would now danananana♪

I feeeel nice without the sugar and a lot of spice!

I really hope I got the song going in your head, because If I didn’t, you probably think I’m nuts!

So yep, it’s true! I feel GOOD, and I am not sure why I am so surprised by this, but I am.

After only a short 4 days of being on the slow-carb diet, I am feeling great. I have a ton of energy, no more headaches and it is really strange but I NEVER feel hungry.

I am also really surprised about how much my taste buds have changed in such a short time. I would never touch raw veggies previously unless they were covered in dip, and I mean gobs of it. Today, I am at my desk munching away on carrots and celery sans the dip, like nobody’s business. It’s amazing how many flavor properties there are in a carrot.

be a good one

On the way to work this morning I felt like my life was finally back on track. This blog, my new job, diet and new year have been so good to me. The phrase “everything happens for a reason” has finally proven itself.

I can not begin to express how thankful I am to the WordPress community. Everyone has been so encouraging and helpful and it’s nice to know that there are others struggling with the exact same issues. Starting my blog was the best decision of 2012 I had ever made as it keeps me accountable and motivated. When speaking with a girlfriend last night about why I believe it has helped me so much I said “My blog makes me go on adventures and to take risks because I’m always looking for something fun to write about.”

Don’t get me wrong I know this is only day 4 but I feel confident that 2013 is MY year.

I went into this not only for myself, but in the hopes that I could inspire just one more person and I am happy to say that I have already accomplished that 😀  You should check out her blog here , she is hilarious!

So on this 2nd day of January, ask yourself “Are you happy? Do you feel good?” and if the answer is no, change something.