Are all addictions the same?

Food addiction

About a year ago, I came to the conclusion that I was a Food Addict. I would eat and not feel full, go out of my way for a doughnut and cry for things I couldn’t have.  I knew I had a problem and I tried everything to stop it, diet after diet, nothing worked.  One morning I got on the scale and realized that I weighed 215 pounds. Weeks prior I was below 200, convinced the digital scale was broken I took it back to Wal-Mart. When she asked the reason for my return, I simply said that it was inaccurate. After my return was complete, I marched straight to the scale section and placed a good old fashion analog scale on the floor.  I stepped on the scale hoping that it would be more forgiving then the digital option, but to my surprise,  it wasn’t. I stood there for a minute almost in tears and decided that, that was the night I was going to change.

For the past few months I have been writing about what’s been working for me and some of my successes. To a general reader it may seem that everything has been easy peasy for me but it hasn’t. I struggle every single day to fight off old habits while I create a new way of life for myself.  I get in arguments with my husband, I cry and there are days that I feel like giving up.  Sometimes I dream about all of the things I would binge on if I had the chance, but then I come back to the life I have created and realize that it wouldn’t be worth giving up for a slice of pizza or order of poutine.

Today I have come to the conclusion that all addictions are similar. In fact, a study done on food addiction recently revealed that eating highly palatable foods has similar effect on the brain as cocaine and heroin. The study showed that once a food addict experiences pleasure associated with increased dopamine transmission in the brain, they quickly feel the urge to eat again. The more the person experiences these feelings, the more they develop a tolerance to food.  This then leads to a decreased level of satisfaction, encouraging the addict to overeat and in some cases become obese.

This blog and my ENORMUS commitment to Team Beachbody is my “rehab” and I appreciate having all of you as my support group.

Let me apologize for not following your oh-so-wonderful food blog in advance

You may be creative in the kitchen and you may have mad skills in food photography. Your mother probably taught you to share at a young age too, so this is what you do, you share your recipes, tips, tricks and things that your readers may not even know or care about. All that being said, I think you are wonderful, extremely talented and admit that I too was once you.

I was a food blogger, self trained pastry chef and Bakery Manager less than a year ago, the exact definition of a foodie.  I lived off of baked items and dining out. If there was a new restaurant in the city, I was there to check it out. My days off were spent in my kitchen with a 500 page french pastry book, whipping up Eclairs and Mille-Feuille one day and making Chocolate Gerbet Macarons the next. I got into making custom cakes, cupcakes and marshmallows as well. I was comfortable with the motto “Never trust a skinny chef.”


I fell so in love with food and the idea of owning my own bakery, that I quit my job with a large corporation to work for a successful bakery in my area. It was not just any bakery, it was Cupcakes by Heather and Lori, you may have heard of them in regards to their hit reality TV show The Cupcake Girls. The job was fun and I learned a ton about the industry, but along with retail comes long hours and it was taking a toll on my social/personal life, so I decided to move on.

I came to the realization that I needed to get over my addiction to food as I was not blessed with the “Eat like a horse and not gain pound” gene . It was affecting everything in my life, most importantly my health. I decided to get back into the office and add some regularity to my life again.

I am now extremely happy with my life, regular work hours and dedication to making 2013 my year. So if I don’t follow your food blog please don’t be upset. Will power and I have had a rocky relationship in the past and having an affair with temptation at this time is not going to make it better.