273 day Bikini Count Down!

My husband and I have always wanted to travel to Asia and one of our goals this year is to make that happen.

We have our sight set on Thailand and we are planning to go for his birthday in November.  While it may seem far away, I am ecstatic! Not only because I’ve always wanted to go, but because that gives me 9 months, 273 days, 6552 hours and 393120 minutes to get into bikini shape! I know I CAN do this!

Check out this beautiful resort we are planning to stay at!

lux3714gr.116359_md  lux3714po.116338_md

No, even better, check out the bikini’s that I plan to wear when I am there!

ujena-bikini-UNG255 heidi-klein_nassau-bow_BRD_11jun12_pr_b

juliana4  S0904008_NAE09_239_417x521