Dedication and hard work pays off!

I’m happy to say that things are going GREAT! I weighed in this morning at 183 pounds and I couldn’t be happier!

Here are my overall results:
Weight lost: 28 pounds
Inches lost: 11.7
Dress size: -1
Pant size:-2

For those of you that have just started following me, here’s what I’ve been doing:

I’m a Beachbody Coach and  follow the ChaLean Extreme workout program for 6 days a week for 30-45 mins no matter what.


I also eat a clean meal every 2 hours 7 days a week and drink at least 3 liters of water.

Here is an example of what I ate on Monday:

pmeal planning

I’m here to share my journey and support those that surround me, so if you have any questions or just want someone to talk to message me!


Are all addictions the same?

Food addiction

About a year ago, I came to the conclusion that I was a Food Addict. I would eat and not feel full, go out of my way for a doughnut and cry for things I couldn’t have.  I knew I had a problem and I tried everything to stop it, diet after diet, nothing worked.  One morning I got on the scale and realized that I weighed 215 pounds. Weeks prior I was below 200, convinced the digital scale was broken I took it back to Wal-Mart. When she asked the reason for my return, I simply said that it was inaccurate. After my return was complete, I marched straight to the scale section and placed a good old fashion analog scale on the floor.  I stepped on the scale hoping that it would be more forgiving then the digital option, but to my surprise,  it wasn’t. I stood there for a minute almost in tears and decided that, that was the night I was going to change.

For the past few months I have been writing about what’s been working for me and some of my successes. To a general reader it may seem that everything has been easy peasy for me but it hasn’t. I struggle every single day to fight off old habits while I create a new way of life for myself.  I get in arguments with my husband, I cry and there are days that I feel like giving up.  Sometimes I dream about all of the things I would binge on if I had the chance, but then I come back to the life I have created and realize that it wouldn’t be worth giving up for a slice of pizza or order of poutine.

Today I have come to the conclusion that all addictions are similar. In fact, a study done on food addiction recently revealed that eating highly palatable foods has similar effect on the brain as cocaine and heroin. The study showed that once a food addict experiences pleasure associated with increased dopamine transmission in the brain, they quickly feel the urge to eat again. The more the person experiences these feelings, the more they develop a tolerance to food.  This then leads to a decreased level of satisfaction, encouraging the addict to overeat and in some cases become obese.

This blog and my ENORMUS commitment to Team Beachbody is my “rehab” and I appreciate having all of you as my support group.

7 pounds

I have been on track this past week and a half and I feel really good!

I decided to weigh myself on Saturday and it turns out I am down 7 pounds! Now I am not sure if you have seen the Will Smith movie, but the first thing that came to mind for me was holy moly that is like one whole freaking jelly fish!

Anyways for those of you who haven’t seen the movie and think that 7 out of 80 pounds is not very much, I have news for you!

We all know what the standard size of a 1 pound brick of butter looks like right?

Well in case you don’t, check it out! I lost all of that !


People at the grocery store probably thought I was nuts when I was re-arranging the butter in my cart and taking pictures, but you know what? I don’t care because I just lost 7 pounds!

Lol as a matter of fact, I hope that I become known as the crazy girl who rearranges the butter for pictures every week!

fail [feyl] 1. to fall short of success or achievement in something expected, attempted, desired, or approved

Last week didn’t go quite as planned and I had fallen a bit off track.

I weighed myself on Saturday, to which I did not post because I was so upset with what it read back. While I must say, I did take into consideration that it was “that time of the month,” I was shocked at the fluctuation.  I was back at the beginning and then some, weighing in at 203 pounds. How is it humanly possible to gain 11.7 pounds in a week?

Some of you may have noticed that I neglected my blog  over the weekend as well. I didn’t want to lie about how wonderful my week had been or what I was going to have for dinner. I felt sick about it, I had let myself, my husband and the whole intention surrounding my blog down.  I felt incredibly guilty and that led that led to feeling empty, feeling empty lead to M&M’s and other things. How is it that I fell off the wagon so quick? Not even a full week had passed?

I was angry, frustrated and upset. I thought I had way more will power than this.

When I got home last night I had a long conversation with my husband about getting back on track. In other words, I had a COMPLETE meltdown. I cried to him about how upset I was, how hard it is to break old habits and how I felt like giving up. We talked about what seems to trigger me to go off track and what we need to do to so that I stay focused. He reminded me of all of the support I have from him, my family, my friends and my blog. He also reminded me of the many reasons I want to do this. Man oh man I love this guy…


This morning I put on my big girl panties, quit my whining and started a new day… I look forward to sharing the rest of my week with you.

Motivational Monday

So, this weekend was super busy and I have really neglected my list of blog “habits.”

I promise that I will be back to my regular routine this afternoon, so that I can be back in full swing tomorrow.

Until then, Happy Monday Friends!

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The good, the bad and the ugly

When I started this blog, it was with the intention to lose weight (the healthy way), get active and to inspire others. It was so that I would have a journal of my successes and hiccups along the way and most importantly, It was so that I could be living proof that If I could do it, so could you. My intentions will always remain the same and if you are looking for a quick fix or a miracle to happen over night, I promise that you won’t find it here.

I am going to be honest and tell you that my weight has been something I’ve struggled with most of my life and I know that it will continue for the rest of my life.  However, I do understand the actions behind the word “struggle” . In my previous way of life I would go on a diet, not follow the program and expect things to change. I would give up easily and be hard on myself for failing. Then out of nowhere I would regain my confidence and feel like a supermodel if I lost 10 pounds. I would look up the words “plus size” on Google and find the most beautiful model I could and feel great about my “curves”, like I didn’t need to change a thing. “I felt beautiful just the way I was”

Picture 6

Now in writing this post, I’m not looking for a pity party or for someone to tell me I’m beautiful.  I truly do feel beautiful and more than confident in my own skin. I just want to be healthy,  I want to have energy, I want to live long and heck If I can squeeze into my skinny jeans while I’m at it, why not? I think that this is the first time I have ever actually REALLY wanted these things and understood how hard it is going to be to get there. I have decided that this is what I want for me and that I will have to work hard day in and day out to be successful. No more loosing 30 pounds only to celebrate by piling it all back on.  I am dedicated to the overall lifestyle (diet, exercise,mental outlook) and there is no turning back!

Anyways, the point I really wanted to get to before going off on this tangent was about doing things the right way and understanding change will not happen over night. As much as I would love to wake up and look like Kim Kardashian every morning, I understand that without hard work it will NOT happen.


I admit it that I have been a sucker for a “loose 60 pounds in 3 months” fad diet and it did not work. I dropped the most I ever have been able to without any exercise and I gained it all back and then some in a shorter time frame. It’s truly mind boggling how many of these companies take our money, yet 37.5% or more Americans are still overweight. Trust me if there was a fix that worked overnight, Doctors would be prescribing it.

While on this topic I have to mention a post I saw online this morning that is making me absolutely sick. The link said : Aspire Assist = Medically Assisted Bulimia.

I’m sorry and I usually wouldn’t say this but WTF?! Bulimia is a serious disease that can lead to many other life-threatening issues and you can now buy an implant for it?! This is absurd and the sad thing is there’s probably a wait list for it too.  Fact is: people will get the implant, lose the weight, take it out and put a bunch more weight back on because they are not changing their lifestyle or their eating habits much like gastric bypass surgery.  Mind you, then again, people do this with regular diets too so who am I to judge? I just thought it was way overboard… What do you think?

Anything you can do, I can do better


In my regular day to day life I am an Executive Assistant for the President of a large development company. This being said, I need to be extremely organized and on the ball at ALL times. Attention to detail and multitasking abilities are vital to my success.

Multitasking has always been something I have been really good at, my husband not so much, but hey? I guess that’s one of the many reasons he married me right?! At any given time I’m known to have more than one project on the go and when I do something I do it to the VERY best of my ability because I am also a perfectionist.

In most cases, like my job, a multitasking perfectionist is ideal. I used to brag that I could do it when I spoke about it in my home life as well. While I do understand that both of these traits are great to have, I really wish that I could just turn them off at times, a perfect example would’ve been last night…

As most of you read on Sunday, I was super excited about starting my learn to run class last night. Then Monday came, I had a horrible sleep that night and was dragging my butt around the office all day just dreading the thought of the run club. I tried my best to talk myself out of going, but 30 minutes prior, my willpower threw my running shoes in front of me and said “let’s do this”… so off I went. It’s amazing what putting on  a pair of runners and some workout gear will do, I felt completely alive and motivated.

I got to my class, put my name tag on and sat on the floor awaiting our orientation. There were about 20 of us in the room and we started with an introduction. To my surprise more than 3/4 of the room had run at least a 5k previously and the remainder of the class were people coming back to re-learn after experiencing an injury. I double checked my sign up sheet to confirm I was in the right place and that this was a LEARN to run class?!  Indeed yes, it was but did I really want to be running with people who already knew how to run? Or further more, people who had been taught by the same instructor I might add and now have injuries? I was skeptical but I went through with it anyways.

We did 20 sets of 1 minute of running and 1 minute of walking, and to be honest it was horrible. I kept trying to tell myself that “nobody said this was going to be easy, keep running”.  For each set I was the very last person and the group kept running back to me to try and make me feel included but it was extremely embarrassing. I would’ve rather just been left behind.

I tried really hard, and I gave it my all, but really struggled. I had a cramp under my right rib the entire time and a throbbing shoulder that I had injured a week prior. At the end of the class I tried to have a bit of a chat with the instructor and that didn’t go very well either. I was telling her that I was having a hard time and asking her if there was anything she thought that I could improve on. He response was “Well first of all how do you think you should run?” I told her that I really didn’t know and that was why I joined the class. She told me with a slight attitude in her tone, that I could start with the proper footing and that I should be letting the mid section of my foot hit the ground first, rather than my heel. While I appreciated her feedback I would think that this is a fundamental and it should be shown/taught before the run? Anyways, long story short, I left feeling completely unmotivated and frustrated.

I guess my conclusion to this story goes a bit deeper than just a failed attempt at running. I have finally come to realize that I am not always going to do the job/task perfectly the first time and that I need to stop beating myself up over failed attempts. And sometimes as much as I like to think I am a multitasking Wonder Woman, I need to just take things on one at a time and give them the full attention they deserve. In saying this I mean, maybe I should focus one solid month on just my diet until it is under control and then add another thing to the mix the following month, and so on. I am hoping that by doing things step-by-step, my journey will be easier and I will be less likely to just give up on everything when one thing goes awry.

Cheater, Cheater, Pumpkin Eater!


So yesterday was Saturday, and you know what that means? It was CHEAT DAY wooohooo!!!

After a long anticipated 6 days of strict Slow-Carb dieting, my cheat day had finally arrived.

Here is what I ate:

9am- Eggs, bacon, spinach (typical slow-carb brekkie)

10am- Cartem’s Donuts– 1 original and 1 coconut cream filled (If you live in Vancouver take a trip,  these baby’s are absolutely scrumptious)

12pm- Edible Canada– 1 large slice of quiche served with greens and a helping of duck fat fried hashbrowns

2pm- Meinhardt’s– 1 cup of trifle with whipped cream and all of the fixings

3pm- a few fuzzy peach candies and some chocolate covered peanuts

4pm- 6pm- Nap time- I might note that I NEVER nap, this was more or less likely a sugar induced coma

6pm- Soy Sauce chow-mien, a few assorted steamed dumplings and a spring roll

8pm- Frozen yogurt with fresh fruit and candy.

When it was all said and done I felt like GARBAGE! I had a migraine headache that I had to sleep off and had a tummy that was so upset and bloated I didn’t know what to do with myself.

It is really nice to have your body tell you what it really wants. It makes your realize how the food we eat really affects us. I like to think of it like gas, while regular is the least expensive and we can still run our cars on it, Supreme not only makes our cars run it is also way better for them in the long run.  So why not pay a little extra to fill your body with fuel to keep yourself running for a long time, cleanly and with high efficiency?

Don’t get me wrong, I am sure that by next Saturday I will forget how I felt yesterday and I’ll be ready and willing to indulge  all over again. This being said, I believe the cheat day that you are ALLOWED to have on the Slow-Carb diet is the very key to all of its success. It is so nice to know that if there’s something I really want, it’s just a matter of days before I can get it. There is no need to feel guilty or bad about “cheating.” As a matter of fact, it’s imperative to change your metabolism to make the diet really work.

I am excited to start my run club tomorrow and I will tell everyone about it when I get home 🙂

Until next time, have a happy Sunday friends!


It’s about time I learnt how to win at losing

I woke up this morning and actually fit into my jeans! Yahoo!

I am proud to say that my hard work on the slow-carb diet this week has paid off, I am down 6.9 pounds in one week!!

Here’s proof:


I am so happy with my progress!

I must admit that while I have had to put a bit more effort into prepping our meals, everything has been really good and I really don’t feel like I’m missing out.

Today was our cheat day and I will elaborate on this in my post tomorrow, but it was filled with unhealthy over indulgent foods and to be honest I now feel like garbage. I have such a bad migraine and I’m on the verge of feeling pukey… it’s is all I can do to post this.

Now, I am going to crawl into a dark room and go to sleep so that I am better and back on track tomorrow, but I just had to share this!

See you tomorrow 😀