Ready, Set, Win!!


Would you be able to stay on track with your diet and exercise if a little cash-money were involved? If so read on!!

I came across today and totally want to host a challenge!

I think this would be a super fun way to get on track before the summer starts. It’s basically an online game where participants put money in a pot and work towards losing 4% of their starting weight in 4 weeks. Don’t worry your weight or photos will only be shared with’s referees so there is no need to be shy/nervous. The official low down can be found by clicking here.

My $25 contribution is in the game pot and my challenge is starting on May 27th! Who’s joining me? I promise it will be super fun and who couldn’t use some extra money right? Let’s do this together! Join the challenge by clicking here:

Dedication and hard work pays off!

I’m happy to say that things are going GREAT! I weighed in this morning at 183 pounds and I couldn’t be happier!

Here are my overall results:
Weight lost: 28 pounds
Inches lost: 11.7
Dress size: -1
Pant size:-2

For those of you that have just started following me, here’s what I’ve been doing:

I’m a Beachbody Coach and  follow the ChaLean Extreme workout program for 6 days a week for 30-45 mins no matter what.


I also eat a clean meal every 2 hours 7 days a week and drink at least 3 liters of water.

Here is an example of what I ate on Monday:

pmeal planning

I’m here to share my journey and support those that surround me, so if you have any questions or just want someone to talk to message me!


Exciting adventures up ahead!

Whooohoo! I’m down 20 pounds and I have lost a total of 7” from just my waist and hips alone.

Now that I feel in control of my food/meal planning routine, I think it’s time to up the ante with a more intense fitness program. I have done some research and decided to order Chalene Johnson’s ChaLean Workout Program.


The program was introduced to me by a Beachbody coach by the name of Kelli Hulst. Kelli is hosting a challenge that starts on April 8th that I have also decided to be a part of. I’m really excited to see where Beachbody takes me and I hope that it will inspire others to join along in my journey.

By purchasing a work out program I was told that I could have the sign up fee to become a Beachbody Coach waived, how exciting is that?! I figure that if I’m going to share my journey I may as well help others along the way right?!  I am happy to say that I’m now a proud Coach of Beachbody’s Team Platinum Legacy.

Life is great right now and I’m so excited to embark on this new adventure! I know there will be hard days, some tears and challenges that my body will face, but that’s okay. That’s what a great Beachbody team, husbands and epsom salt baths are for right?!

Today more than ever, I’m so excited to share the rest of my journey From Sin to Thin.   XO

Not quite 2 but it will do!

So strange! Every week for the past 3 weeks I have been losing 1.8 pounds on the button! Not 1.3, or 1.9 but 1.8! Don’t get me wrong, 1.8 pounds is nothing to sneeze about and I am super happy with my progress. This makes for a total of 6.6 pounds! Woohoo!

I have decided that I need to take my measurements before I hopefully “melt” away. Here it goes folks!



Shoulders: 45

Bust: 45.5

Waist: 39

Hips: 46.5




I’m so excited to continue on to this journey and I feel like my mind is in a really great place. I am overwhelmed with motivation and I’m constantly scribbling down notes and ideas for my blog.

I am looking forward to sharing my thoughts with all of you!

Oh and a BIG “hello!” to all of my new followers, thank you for stopping by and deciding that I deserve the follow that you have granted!

273 day Bikini Count Down!

My husband and I have always wanted to travel to Asia and one of our goals this year is to make that happen.

We have our sight set on Thailand and we are planning to go for his birthday in November.  While it may seem far away, I am ecstatic! Not only because I’ve always wanted to go, but because that gives me 9 months, 273 days, 6552 hours and 393120 minutes to get into bikini shape! I know I CAN do this!

Check out this beautiful resort we are planning to stay at!

lux3714gr.116359_md  lux3714po.116338_md

No, even better, check out the bikini’s that I plan to wear when I am there!

ujena-bikini-UNG255 heidi-klein_nassau-bow_BRD_11jun12_pr_b

juliana4  S0904008_NAE09_239_417x521

Motivational Monday

So, this weekend was super busy and I have really neglected my list of blog “habits.”

I promise that I will be back to my regular routine this afternoon, so that I can be back in full swing tomorrow.

Until then, Happy Monday Friends!

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