Are all addictions the same?

Food addiction

About a year ago, I came to the conclusion that I was a Food Addict. I would eat and not feel full, go out of my way for a doughnut and cry for things I couldn’t have.  I knew I had a problem and I tried everything to stop it, diet after diet, nothing worked.  One morning I got on the scale and realized that I weighed 215 pounds. Weeks prior I was below 200, convinced the digital scale was broken I took it back to Wal-Mart. When she asked the reason for my return, I simply said that it was inaccurate. After my return was complete, I marched straight to the scale section and placed a good old fashion analog scale on the floor.  I stepped on the scale hoping that it would be more forgiving then the digital option, but to my surprise,  it wasn’t. I stood there for a minute almost in tears and decided that, that was the night I was going to change.

For the past few months I have been writing about what’s been working for me and some of my successes. To a general reader it may seem that everything has been easy peasy for me but it hasn’t. I struggle every single day to fight off old habits while I create a new way of life for myself.  I get in arguments with my husband, I cry and there are days that I feel like giving up.  Sometimes I dream about all of the things I would binge on if I had the chance, but then I come back to the life I have created and realize that it wouldn’t be worth giving up for a slice of pizza or order of poutine.

Today I have come to the conclusion that all addictions are similar. In fact, a study done on food addiction recently revealed that eating highly palatable foods has similar effect on the brain as cocaine and heroin. The study showed that once a food addict experiences pleasure associated with increased dopamine transmission in the brain, they quickly feel the urge to eat again. The more the person experiences these feelings, the more they develop a tolerance to food.  This then leads to a decreased level of satisfaction, encouraging the addict to overeat and in some cases become obese.

This blog and my ENORMUS commitment to Team Beachbody is my “rehab” and I appreciate having all of you as my support group.

Not quite 2 but it will do!

So strange! Every week for the past 3 weeks I have been losing 1.8 pounds on the button! Not 1.3, or 1.9 but 1.8! Don’t get me wrong, 1.8 pounds is nothing to sneeze about and I am super happy with my progress. This makes for a total of 6.6 pounds! Woohoo!

I have decided that I need to take my measurements before I hopefully “melt” away. Here it goes folks!



Shoulders: 45

Bust: 45.5

Waist: 39

Hips: 46.5




I’m so excited to continue on to this journey and I feel like my mind is in a really great place. I am overwhelmed with motivation and I’m constantly scribbling down notes and ideas for my blog.

I am looking forward to sharing my thoughts with all of you!

Oh and a BIG “hello!” to all of my new followers, thank you for stopping by and deciding that I deserve the follow that you have granted!

It’s about time I learnt how to win at losing

I woke up this morning and actually fit into my jeans! Yahoo!

I am proud to say that my hard work on the slow-carb diet this week has paid off, I am down 6.9 pounds in one week!!

Here’s proof:


I am so happy with my progress!

I must admit that while I have had to put a bit more effort into prepping our meals, everything has been really good and I really don’t feel like I’m missing out.

Today was our cheat day and I will elaborate on this in my post tomorrow, but it was filled with unhealthy over indulgent foods and to be honest I now feel like garbage. I have such a bad migraine and I’m on the verge of feeling pukey… it’s is all I can do to post this.

Now, I am going to crawl into a dark room and go to sleep so that I am better and back on track tomorrow, but I just had to share this!

See you tomorrow 😀

Apparently the holiday cookies went on a date with my waistline and decided to have children.

I named this category love/hate in the hopes to think positively about my future weigh ins.. I have decided to only weigh myself once a week on Saturdays at 8:00am.

Tonight was definitely a hate night :s It has been awhile since I have stepped onto a scale and I usually fluctuate between 180-190. Well tonight I hopped on hoping to see just that and was quit taken aback by the results, the scale said 199.5. I was holding onto my camera to take a picture of the scale and I quickly put it down hoping that it weighed 10 pounds but no it only weighed 1.3 :(. I was in so much denial that I had let my self get this way that I went to the kitchen , grabbed a pound of butter and hopped back on hoping that the scale was off by a few pounds but it wasn’t.. “Damn technology that is reliable/works these day”s I secretly cursed. I have NEVER in my entire life weighed this much! Something has to change.

This all being said, the only part of picture below that I actually like  is my pretty pink toenails. Onward and upward! It can only get better from here.


Saturday December 29, 2013 8:00 am 198.2 pounds