Dedication and hard work pays off!

I’m happy to say that things are going GREAT! I weighed in this morning at 183 pounds and I couldn’t be happier!

Here are my overall results:
Weight lost: 28 pounds
Inches lost: 11.7
Dress size: -1
Pant size:-2

For those of you that have just started following me, here’s what I’ve been doing:

I’m a Beachbody Coach and  follow the ChaLean Extreme workout program for 6 days a week for 30-45 mins no matter what.


I also eat a clean meal every 2 hours 7 days a week and drink at least 3 liters of water.

Here is an example of what I ate on Monday:

pmeal planning

I’m here to share my journey and support those that surround me, so if you have any questions or just want someone to talk to message me!


Frank couldn’t have said it better.


The people that know me/follow this blog probably know by now that if I haven’t written a post in over a week it’s probably because I messed up!  I guess I shouldn’t really say I messed up, it’s more like I had an off day and I’ve been EXTREMELY busy lately.

I’m not here to say “sorry for the lack of posts” or “I’m sure you’ve been wondering where I was”. To be quite frank, I’m sure the internet would go on even if I wasn’t contributing to it.

Monday night my lovely husband decided to take me out for a nice dinner because he was heading out of town on business the next day.  He took me to a seafood and chop house and I definitely over indulged.  We started off with freshly baked bread drizzled with lobster oil and balsamic, it was divine.  I ordered the jumbo scallops with a creamy butter sauce, vegetables and wild rice for my main course and the flavors were incredible.  We then took a stroll to a local frozen yogurt place and had a nice dessert. Sounds lovely right? NO.

I got home so stuffed that if my belly had buttons, they would have burst. I was incredibly uncomfortable and completely exhausted. This is when the anger set in; I sat on the couch pouting about what I had just done and how guilty I felt. My husband came in and saw me upset, to which he apologized for taking me to dinner and talking me into dessert.  I yelled and told him that the next time he wanted to take me for dinner to just go to Tiffany’s to buy me a new pair of earrings or something instead (can you say princess much?!).  Really, who yells at their husband for taking them out to dinner?!? After I had cooled down a bit I had a really great conversation with him and told him that it was not his fault. I told him that there are going to be situations that are difficult for me and that I need to learn how to say no.   Man-oh-man the stuff this poor guy suffers through!

Anyways, long story short I’m proud of the new me, the me that gave Tuesday a chance for a new beginning. The me that got back on track to the extent of working out at 11:23PM last night and most importantly the me that had the balls to kick the old me in the ass!!

It feels good to be back!


It’s raining, it’s pouring, but I’m not the one that’s snoring!

Why is it that we are so afraid of the rain?

I live in one of Canada’s most rainy cities, and on average we experience 166 days of rain a year.  This being said, you would think that the locals would be used to it right? No! Vancouverites have a tenancy not to enjoy ANY type of weather. If it’s raining, your co-workers are depressed, if it’s sunny out it’s too hot and the sky-train reeks! You just can’t win! As you can imagine, this weather phobia we have keeps people from doing a lot of things like going for walks or spending time outside. I have decided to try not be one of “THOSE” people.

It was pouring rain a few nights ago and the last thing I wanted to do was go for a walk. But I did it, I  tied up my shoes, turned my music up high and went for it. I walked at total of 4 miles, got soaking wet and LOVED every second of it. I burnt a ton of calories and it was a great work-out!

There’s something incredibly invigorating about letting fresh rain drops bead down your cheeks. I will definitely be going on another wet walk this week!

It's raining It's pouring

Me, after my wet walk!

Breathe in, Breathe out…

Rice Lake

I woke up this past Sunday to bright rays trickling into my apartment.  I opened my curtains and let the sun beam in while I was still half asleep in bed.

Just as I was thinking that it would be a wonderful day to hike the Canyon my husband said: “Hey babe, maybe we should get up and go for a hike”.  I slowly rolled out of my warm bed, hopped into the shower and put my workout gear on. We got in the car and headed to the Lynn Canyon Park.

Lynn Canyon is a beautiful park that my family has been going to since we were young.  Stretching over 617 acres of land, it is truly one of nature’s playgrounds. When you enter the park, you’re greeted by a 100-year-old suspension bridge that drapes 50 feet above the rushing rapids below. You can choose to hike up to two beautiful waterfalls or down below to a 30ft swimming pool fed by mountain water. There are also many other less frequently traveled trails that are breathtaking as well.

My husband and I have hiked almost all of the trails at the Canyon and every one of them offers a piece of beauty. Yesterday we decided to go a bit off the beaten path to hike an older, somewhat overgrown trail. It was enchanting each and every step of the way, the sun was shining through the trees on us, there was a crisp cold in the air and the birds were singing melodies. It was the perfect definition of peace. We were both in such a perfect state of mind as if this was the ultimate state of mediation. There were moments we hiked for 20+ minutes and did not say a word to each other.

During this moment of tranquility I’m happy to report that I was also able to conquer one of  my fears. When we got to the end of our trail we suddenly realized that the only way out was to go up. It was a very steep mountainous terrain slippery with dew from the previous evening’s rainfall. My Husband, who is a rock climber I might add, was up at the top without even taking a moment to think about it. I crawled half way up and started to slip; I paused for a moment took a deep breath and tried to follow my husband’s footing.    I may also add that my Husband is 6’1 so my short 5’2 legs don’t always reach the entire span of his feet.  In other words, I take two steps for every one step he takes if you know what I mean.  It all worked out in the end, I gathered a burst of energy pushed aside my fear and ran up the hill. When I got to the top I had felt as though I’d conquered the world.

I can’t quite put my finger on it but there is something to be said for the feeling you get during a long walk in the wilderness.